Wayne County awarded a large contract for SCADA, Disinfection & Meter Improvements for the Rouge Valley Sewer District & CSO to J. F. Cavanaugh. In turn, Cavanaugh selected Rotor Electric of Michigan, LLC to provide the necessary $2.6 million of electrical and electronic equipment and installation to successfully complete the upgrades and improvements. The work was completed over a 17-month period.

The North Huron Valley-Rouge Valley (NHV-RV) Sewer District serves most of western Wayne County and a small portion of Oakland County. The district also currently accepts wastewater from the Western Townships Utility Authority (WTUA). The district covers 274 square miles, an estimated 55% of which is sewered.

The Middle Rouge subdistrict is served by the Upper Rouge and Middle Rouge interceptors, which combine with Detroit???s Evergreen Sewer at Ford Road. The Lower Rouge subdistrict is served by an interceptor system that parallels the lower branches of the Rouge River. There are several CSO and wet weather flow basins in the district and 48 regulators.

The SCADA, Disinfection & Meter Improvements for Rouge Valley & CSO project replaced outdated control system software and instrumentation at Lift Station 1A, the Livonia (Inkster Arm) Sanitary Equalization Basin, and at collection system remote facilities (including replacement of Doppler flow meters).


The SCADA work performed by Rotor and its sister company Motor City Electric Technologies included:

  • PLCs ??? Upgrading the existing Allen-Bradley PLC-5s to the latest??Allen-Bradley Control Logix automation platform at Lift Station??1A and the Dearborn Heights CSO RTB.1715_and_ControlLogix_2016-photograph_848w477h-768x432
  • HMI ??? Upgrading the existing Wonderware HMI??(Human Machine Interface) software to the latest GE iFIX.
  • Control System ??? Installing and configuring a state-of-the-art control system??based on the Allen-Bradley Control Logix automation platform at??the Livonia Basin.


The project also included rehabilitation??and upgrade improvements to the disinfection, chemical feed, and other??miscellaneous operations at the Dearborn Heights CSO RTB.


Also included in the project scope was upgrading selected flow??meter and improvements to meters sites for the Rouge Valley??Sewage Disposal System.